Fulfillment estimates

Information regarding COVID-19


Thank you for supporting our family business in this challenging time.

Due to the recent increase in home shopping, our partners are experiencing longer than average fulfillment times. These times are subject to change at any moment and are updated daily, if needed.

Please note that all Glass Art and Stickers have no delay and will ship for free separately from Apparel and other Merch.

Here are the estimates we are currently looking at:

Fulfillment estimates

US (incl. backup)
Glass Art
1 business day
Stickers 1 business day
Printed Apparel
7-20 business days
Embroidery 11-16 business days
Neck gaiters 5-8 business days
Socks 7-12 business days
Beach Towels 7-12 business days
Posters 2-5 business days
Phone cases 2-5 business days

General shipping information can be found in our Shipping Policy and the FAQ page.

These fulfillment estimates may not be what your are used to, so I'm grateful for your patience as we all continue to navigate through this zombie apocalypse...

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